Brookwood American Military Cemetery - Restoration/repairs GU24 Surrey

We have the opportunity and the privilege  to restore, repair and give some maintenance to X18 stained glass windows at Brookwood American Military Cemetery in Surrey.
Some of the the panels showed broken pieces of glass which we replace for a replica in the same traditional painting technique and glass type. There were glasses almost 12mm thick, so we have to get made specially some canes of lead to rebuild some of the panels. The stained glass department in Canterbury Cathedral very kindly helps us making the lead canas manually using medieval methods.

Stained glass restoration in Brockley SE4 Malpas Road

We have the opportunity to restore this unusual stained glass door. It is very normal in old doers to have panels bowed with broken joints and letting the rain get through. The best advice we always give is to create a new lead structure as we did in this case also add some reinforcement bars across which are placed internally. 

Stained Glass door repairs- Southfield London SW18

We created a new lead structure for all of the panels for this entrance door in Southfield London SW18. It is traditional Victorian design with powerful boarder colours and 4 pale shades of Antique Cathedral glass.                    

New Stained glass design - Mitcham CR0

Simple but effective ART-DECO stained glass estyle. We have used 4 different textures of glass to give the sensation of perspective. This panel was installed above sink in the kitchen and take some light from outside. 

Stained glass logo for Nephentes Shop in Central London

We have the opportunity to create this piece for a Japanise fashio shop in Central London NEPENTHES LONDON
8 WOBURN WALK, LONDON, WC1H 0JL. We have used just two types of glass whit a wispy semi opal as a back ground and a opal for the features.

Stained glass restoration in 1930's property- Clapham SW4

Keeping busy this month with lots of restoration and repairs work. This beautiful 1930s front entrance was in need of some attention after a long decades of work. We stripped and rebuild these panels with a new lead structure and in the process replaced the broken panes of glass for the best match.